Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mid-Term Madness!

Brace yourself -- it's gonna be a rough day. I probably won't live-blog, on account of being curled up in the fetal position. But you never know with me.


sonicfrog said...

Awe C'mon! Just detach yourself and let it flow.

Assuming that things end up the way many expect, with this election being a bloodbath for Democrats, I've been pondering the probability of a real tea party type movement occurring on the liberal side of the fence. Not one of these pho-tea party things like the Coffee Party, or whatever, that was cynically created to try and compete with the tea party, but a real uprising within progressive circles. I know it's going to happen, as there are an awful lot of progressives who have been dissatisfied with the Obama administration and the Pelosi / Reid congress. I wonder, what will it look like? What will be the glue that binds it?

joe said...

sonicfrog, I think that already happened in 2006.