Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comments Moderation Back On

See, this is why I can't go anywhere nice. A bunch of comments deleted as violations of policy (specifically, combinations of numbers 1/1.5, 2, 3/3.5, and 5). So moderation comes back on. Sorry for the inconvenience to the people who have been behaving themselves. As to the folks whose comments were deleted, I refer you to Comment Policy #1 for an explanation.

I may have to require a sign-in, if only so I don't accidentally delete valid comments under a misplaced suspicion that they are actually written by a cloaked banned commenter. I have to think on that for awhile.

UPDATE: Moderation lifted.


Anonymous said...

As to the fact that I will continue posting how I want and if it makes things more difficult for you that's too damn bad, I refer you to the fact you are still hosting ridiculous personal attacks on me from before I even commented here at all. If you want me to observe your request that I not post, please delete them.

Rebecca said...

What personal attacks from before you even commented here? This makes no sense!