Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Masterchef/Hell's Kitchen Combined Thoughts

It's summer time, and that means a double dose of Gordon Ramsey for Jill and I. Masterchef has been chugging along, but Hell's Kitchen has just started. Some early (for Hell's Kitchen) and late (for Masterchef) thoughts on the two shows thus far.


* When they showed Erryn for the first time on Monday, Jill and I cheered. When they showed him for a second time, we said "uh-oh". By the third time, we knew he was a goner.

* And the week didn't get better with Giuseppe going home today. It was obvious that he was the "dad" of this crew (Alejandra is the mom -- Erryn confirms this), and everyone was clearly devastating to see him go home.

* The challenge today was to cook for the three judge's moms. Which, frankly, is a little unfair to Gordon and Fluffy's mothers. Lidia Bastianich is a world-famous chef -- putting two essentially random people on a panel with her is like having a judging panel of Gordon Ramsey and Jill and I.

* Alejandra's accent seems to vary wildly, not just from show to show, but from paragraph to paragraph. Sometimes it is "just off the boat", sometimes it is "I've spent my entire life in Illinois". It's bizarre.

* I couldn't care less if she wins MasterChef -- any show with Christine on it, I'll watch.

* Suzy may have peaked too soon. She's been having a rough go of it for awhile, and doesn't seem to realize what she's doing wrong.

* Chicago had four people in the finals (five if you count Tony, who was from Grant Park), but only Suzy is left. A shame -- I liked all of them. I wonder if any of them will cook for me before I move to Champaign?

Hell's Kitchen

* Jason was this season's medical casualty; a shame because he seemed nice enough. He also looked like a cross between Paul Kinsey of Mad Men and a Canadian lumberjack.

* Steven was forgettable. But Jill and I literally high-fived when Brendan was eliminated. He demonstrated himself to be a cocky jackass with impressive celerity.

* Speaking of Brendan, Carrie, your taste in men is appalling. You managed to squander the goodwill Jill and I had for you as the target of Elise's bitchiness, and believe me, that was a lot of goodwill.

* Just because Carrie has squandered her goodwill doesn't mean any reverts back to Elise. That woman appears to be nuts.

* The men thus far are far more memorable than the women, who are mostly indistinguishable blondes. This is not necessarily an advantage for the men.

* That being said, Will so far is easily the front-runner. He's very good, very committed, and appears to have a good head on his shoulders. He's a nice guy without being a sycophant. I really like him. Plus, he's got a great nickname: "Pizza bagel" (he's half-Italian, half-Jewish).

* Speaking of nicknames, we've labeled Jonathon "Boomhauer". That boy is unintelligible.

* You cannot tell me that Tommy was not addicted to heroin in the very, very recent past.

* Krupa is the only true standout on the women's team. Though Amanda looks kind of like if you took Amanda from Season 6, aged her a few years, and then dyed her hair. Wait a minute ....

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