Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Dictator's Society Roundup

Gaddafi is dead! But other things are happening as well:

* * *

Spencer Ackerman has advance copies of all the headlines that will flow from Gaddafi's death.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) slashes back at the GOP for tying him to fringe anti-Semites in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The consensus amongst non-partisan observers is that anti-Semitic incidents in the movement are marginal (though obviously disturbing and quite sick).

Rich Santorum boldly stands against contraception.

Reflecting on the police shooting of a young Black man who proverbially "did everything right", E.J. Graff worries that her own son will be next.

Deborah Orr is a charming mix of nasty and dumb, but unfortunately this canard of "chosenness" as Jewish supremacism hardly is limited to her.

There's nothing more American than being a second-class citizen. Today, gay and lesbian Americans are the most American of all.

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PG said...

I think it really is a bold stand. Most Americans, at some point in their lives, will use some form of contraception (condoms, pill, etc.) deemed unacceptable by Santorum's religion. I've been waiting for years for Santorum to follow up on the logic of his stance against a Constitutional right to privacy -- if there's no Constitutional basis for Roe or Lawrence, there's none for Griswold. It's kind of cool to see him start to do so.