Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eat Darling Eat!

Sorry I've been quiet these past few days. I've been doing a lot of Thanksgiving traveling ... and a ton of Thanksgiving eating. I'm not sure I've ever had more food over a four day period. It's so good, but I feel so sick.

Anyway, the relative silence will continue for a few days still. I have my Maryland professionalism course tomorrow, and then my character interview Tuesday ... a few hours before my flight back to Champaign. Busy busy busy.

But it was a great few days seeing family and friends. And for those who are wondering, Jill's rollout to my mom's family went great!

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troll_dc2 said...

Thanksgiving is our most pathological holiday. Never do so many people eat so much so quickly without stopping to wonder why they do it.

Most of them seem to get together with others, usually family, because it is expected of them, whether they want to go or not. They are then forced to socialize with others, some of whom they are pleased to avoid the rest of the year. I have witnessed food skirmishes involving the failure of a guest to eat something that that the preparer is so proud of and cannot understand why it is being refused. Moreover, from time to time (so I have read but have not personally experienced), underlying tensions lead to violence, and blood flows. Has anyone has ever done a casualty count on that day?

The food is always too abundant and rich. The sewerage plants work overtime to process the aftereffects of the overeating. Moreover, usually so much is left over that some of it actually gets thrown away.

And all this for what? How many people actually give thanks on that day? I am pleased to say that I did so. Because I had the lingering effects of a cold (coughing) and the gathering that I was supposed to be attending had some babies and small children, it was decided that I should not go. So I stayed at my office and composed a letter thanking my aunt for all of the things that she has been doing for me. Later, I got a plateful of food that my brother made for me. So, over the holiday weekend, I put on no weight at all.