Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paul's Folly

Ta-Nehisi Coates points out that, even taking Paul's excuses for his racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, all-around-nutty "Ron Paul Newsletter" at complete face value, it still would be enough to render him unfit for the Oval Office: "You need not be a racist to be disqualified for the presidency; a truly stunning level of incompetence will do in a pinch."

On the other hand, my dad is actively rooting for Paul to win the Iowa Caucuses -- not because he supports Paul (lord no), but because, in his words, "it will sow chaos".


Marni Jane said...

Oh hell no, living in iowa, the cult of ron paul could not possibly be more insufferable. I can't imagine how godawful they'd be if he for some reason won the nomination.

troll_dc2 said...

I am all for chaos. I don't really want Paul to have the most support; I would be pleased if there were three or four contenders at over 20 percent. Anything that makes the Republicans look bad is fine with me (even though I had not been much of a partisan until the Tea Party Movement and its emanations made any other stance impossible).