Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do It Do It Do It Do It!!!!

Far-right hero Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), whose incredibly reactionary budgets have been exhibit "A" in Democratic attempts to demonstrate the GOP's hostility to the working class, has said he's open to being nominated for Vice President. Can we make it two cycles in a row where Republicans manage to sabotage themselves with their own VP selection? We can only hope!


Nick said...

Why so confident about his unfitness?

PG said...

Ryan's fanbase is pretty much the exact opposite (within the GOP) of Palin's -- I know plenty of highly-educated libertarians who despised Palin but love Ryan. Unlike Palin, who got fatally tagged as dumb and chosen in a desperate attempt to pick off disaffected Hillary Clinton primary voters, Ryan presents as intellectual policy wonk, basically the white Bobby Jindal. I don't see an increased advantage to Romney in picking Ryan, as Ryan has the same kinda-handsome, charisma-less affect as Romney, but I don't see why Ryan would make Romney worse off.

priscianus jr said...

Ryan is one of the least popular politicians in America. You'd be surprised how many people there are that don't like the idea of privatizing medicare, along with so many more of his other "courageous" ideas.
Mind you, you may be right. As another one of the least popular politicians in America, Romney may not be any worse off with Ryan, but he sure isn't any better off. A guy like Ryan may energize the libertarians, but he will certainly energize a lot more people to vote for Obama.