Monday, April 16, 2012

Mad Men Thoughts

We missed parts of Mad Men last night (a thunderstorm caused the signal to cut out), but I think I got most of the important parts. Scattered thoughts:

* It was maybe a season and a half too late for maximum schadenfreude, but Pete Campbell got punched in the face! Repeatedly!

* Though Pete has been improving as a character, said schadenfreude was nonetheless amplified by his seeming retrogression this episode into the old, whiny, entitled Pete of yore.

* If you're going to get busted for adultery, chewing gum on your pubes has got to be one of the more bone-headed ways to be caught. If I'm the wife I'm equally offended for having a spouse that stupid.

* While Pete was getting punched, I couldn't help but think "Connor wouldn't have put up with this." Connor also would have never lusted after that high school senior (way, way too young).

* Why isn't Kenny a writer? Is he any good at being an accounts guy? Jill says he's not, as we don't see him bringing in any new business, I say that you also don't see any of his accounts disintegrating into ashes due to his own inattentiveness.

* When Joan was consoling Lane in his office, I shouted at the screen "Oh my God marry Joan your marriage is terrible anyway and she's single!" Immediately afterwards he kissed Joan, and I yelled "What are you doing, don't listen to me my advice sucks!"

* Pete Campbell got punched in the face!

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PG said...

I thought it was settled a few seasons back that Ken isn't interested in writing copy, and that he's a good enough accounts man that Pete worries about him as competition and also felt weirdly competitive with him about being a published writer. S1 E5 "5G"