Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Will Never Yield in My Commitment to Compromise My Principles

A new poll asks what sort of people Americans wish had a greater presence in Congress. There's some interesting findings, but the one that immediately struck me was this:
Gallup finds that by a margin of 63% to 30%, Americans believe the country would be better (as opposed to worse) governed if in political office there were more “people who think it is more important to compromise to get things done than to hold firm to their principles.” Okay. But by a margin of 56% to 38%, they believe life would be better if there were in political office more “people who think it is more important to hold firm to their principles than to compromise to get things done.” These would appear to be diametrically opposed and exclusive propositions, unless “Americans” are saying they want more highly conflicted people in office, or just want more of everything.
I really, really, really wish I could get into the head of the people who prefer both the pro- and anti-compromise positions.

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PG said...

It was results like those when I worked as a political pollster that made me wish so hard that I didn't have to stick to the script and could ask people "Why do you think that?"

What people mean is that we need more leaders who compromise on what I don't think is important, but stick to principle on things that I hold dear.

Also, based on Gallup's headline, I'm going to come out of the meh-on-Hillary closet and say what I've been thinking: Mark Warner 2016. 83% want more business experience; only 63% want more women (though in seriousness that 63% is really nice to see).