Thursday, December 18, 2014

Power Story

The New Yorker has a fascinating profile of Samantha Power, currently America's ambassador to the United Nations. As a longstanding SP admirer, it makes for a good read. Incidentally, browsing through that last link resurrected this gem, wherein Frank Gaffney predicted that Obama was gearing up to invade Israel. I must have slept through that one.

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EW said...

“Power Story” – really?

If you’re such an admirer, why not give us directions so that we can go see her ourselves? You could call it The Road to Power.

Or write a song about her rise to greatness? You know, a Power Ballad.

You could even include the story about when she and Sanlinger were supposed to be investigating the reliability of cars, but were pulled over for driving under the influence of codeine. They tried to hide the evidence by shoving the drugs up their butts, which is why people refer to this notorious incident as J.D., Power, and ass opiates….