Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Things People Blame the Jews For, Volume XIX: FIFA Arrests

Like most people, I was shocked, just shocked to find out that over a dozen FIFA officials were arrested on suspicion of corruption. One explanation for the arrests is that FIFA is notoriously corrupt. Another explanation is, as always, more plausible (both tweets via Adam Holland).

The latter tweet, of course, refers to an upcoming vote by FIFA to suspend Israel's membership. Now one might wonder why would a noted "Zionist hasbara" organ like the New York Times turn on Sepp Blatter when he's been trying to head off the suspension vote. Indeed, I actually think news of these arrests makes the suspension vote far, far more likely to pass. If there's one thing FIFA needs right now, it's a distraction. And there is no better distraction that a high-profile dose of Israel-bashing guaranteed to set off an international firestorm. It might be bad publicity, but from FIFA's vantage that's a relative term, and it's better bad publicity than "we're basically a racketeering organization." (Maybe we can call this "BDS-washing"!).

But I suspect there's no use trying to plumb the logic of those devious Jews. The important thing is that any one who thinks that these FIFA arrests are a good thing for soccer or for public integrity is a puppet of the grand Zionist conspiracy and should be called out as such.

UPDATE: Apparently this has been part of a long game -- see this 2011 article where a disgraced FIFA official from Trinidad and Tobago blamed "Zionism" for his downfall.

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