Thursday, December 17, 2015

Obama's "Race Card" Ploys Somehow Everywhere and Nowhere

Peter Wehner has a column today titled "Obama has Worsened Race Relations". Here are some things in that column:

  • A 2009 prediction that, if the President's poll numbers drop, "be prepared for the 'race card' to be played" coupled with an in-advance judgment that any claims of racism over the next eight years "will be ... transparently false".
  • The claim that Obama, along with Eric Holder, has "acted in ways that have divided us, stoked resentments, and heightened tensions and mistrust."
  • The claim that Obama and Holder "have repeatedly put a racial frame around incidents that have nothing to do with race."
  • The claim that Obama and Holder "have sought to exploit grievances rather than overcome them."
  • The claim that "Obama, throughout his presidency, has been a master at dividing Americans of every race and class order to advance his own political interests."
Here is something you won't find in Mr. Wehner's column:
  • Any actual examples (quotes, statements, policies, announcement -- anything) from President Obama that even supposedly demonstrates the President doing any of these things.
Fancy that.

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