Monday, February 29, 2016

The Army Veteran Muslim Rights Activist Voting for Trump Because Zionism

If you wanted to find the antithesis of every bit of conventional wisdom/stereotyping out there, you'd do worse than to point to Farhaj Hassan. He's a devout Muslim U.S. Army reservist suing the city of New York for its police surveillance program of Muslims who is supporting Donald Trump for President because it stands opposed to "Hillary Clinton’s classically Zionist-run foreign policy." My head hurts

In conclusion, because we've found a Muslim who supports Trump, any claims of Islamophobia against the Trump campaign are now null and void (this argument brought to you by Jewish Voice for Peace). Indeed, a January CAIR poll finds that 7% of American Muslims support Trump -- more than all other Republican candidates combined (Hillary Clinton pulls 52% and Bernie Sanders takes 22%).

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Unknown said...

"I'd rather be banned from a country than support those dirty Zionist kikes".