Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Eternal Mystery of Why Jews Vote Democratic

People sometimes ask me why Jews vote Democratic. There's no real mystery behind it. The explanation is simple:
First, on every issue aside from Israel, Jews prefer Democrats to Republicans.
Second, on the issue of Israel, Jews prefer Democrats to Republicans.
As we look at Donald Trump's poll ratings amongst Jews -- far lower than even his catastrophic nationwide ratings -- we see this born out. On every issue save Israel, Jews think Trump sucks. And on Israel ... Trump still is significantly underwater, and well below where Barack Obama polled on that issue at his nadir. It's just not that mysterious why an overwhelmingly liberal electoral subgroup would keep voting for the more liberal of the two parties.

But, you know. 2014 2015 2016 2017 will be the year Jews finally come to our senses and realize who truly loved us all along!


Anonymous said...

Educated, liberal, minority, urban group prefers Democratic Party to Republicans is not exactly man bites dog.

HD Turkin Jr said...

What's the difference between Donald Trump and the average American Jew his age?

Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren.

Have you seen the 2013 Pew study?

The intermarriage rate in secular, reform and conservative (democrat-voting) circles is over 60%. Interest in Israel and interest in Jewish community in that demographic is low and plummeting.

The observant Jewish demographic - which votes conservative - is the only one growing.

It seems like the triumphalist, sneering tone of your post is rather misplaced. It would seem that the Jews who will survive rampant assimilation are partial to the values of the GOP.