Sunday, April 08, 2018

A Tale of Two Harassers

Jill Filopovic points out the key differences between Democrats and Republicans on sexual harassment and misconduct within their ranks.

It isn't that Republicans perpetuate it and Democrats don't. Both parties have their share of wrongdoers.

The difference is that Democrats -- slowly, fitfully, imperfectly -- are beginning to hold their abusers to account. While Republicans, by and large, continue to shield the predators in their ranks (starting with the one in the Oval Office). There's a reason, Filopovic notes, why Republicans still point to Chappaquiddick and the Bill Clinton affairs -- rounding past 20 years ago at this point -- as their preferred form of whataboutery. In the more recent major cases, Democrats have been much stronger, while Republicans still prefer to protect the boys club.

We saw a great example of this recently in Colorado: A Democrat and a Republican in the state legislature were accused of sexual harassment (the former was a member of the state house, the latter of the state senate). In both cases, an independent investigator substantiated the allegation. The Democrat was expelled, after refusing calls from his own party leaders to resign. Indeed, every single Democratic member of the house voting to do so (Republicans split 16-9 in favor of expulsion).

The Republican? He enjoyed the firm support of his caucus leader, and when Democrats forced a vote on the issue, he kept his job -- with all but one Republican backing him against a motion to expel.

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