Tuesday, January 08, 2019

No Matter How Dumb the Internet Is, Laura Loomer Can Make It Dumber

Some of you might have noticed, a few days ago, that the "translate" option was no longer appearing for Hebrew-language tweets on Twitter. It was a bit frustrating, but I figured it was a glitch and didn't think any more of it. Some time in the past few days functionality was restored, with Twitter confirming it was a bug that had been resolved.

Straightforward, right? Oh you sweet, naive child. Let Laura Loomer educate you:
Twitter didn't seem to care about informing users as to why they decided to stop translating Hebrew tweets, as their decision was casually implemented without an announcement. Jewish, Israeli, and Hebrew speaking Twitter users were not informed of Twitter’s decision to stop translating Hebrew, which effectively cut off all Israeli twitter users and Hebrew speakers from the non Hebrew twitter sphere.
Could they have not informed users in advance because ... it was a bug? Loomer sees through you.
A bug that only affects Hebrew? Nice excuse, but Chinese was translating perfectly fine. The only language affected was Hebrew. You know, than language of the Jews.
Funny how Twitter has no problem with Farrakhan calling Jews actual bugs, but they are so quick to blame their removal of  Hebrew on a make believe "bug". 
Sounds like bias to me!
I just -- it's probably because I'm emotionally exhausted today, but I can't stop laughing at this. "Twitter says it had a 'bug', but did it object to Louis Farrakhan calling Jews 'bugs'? Checkmate, Twitter!"
Apparently reporting on Twitter's removal of Hebrew translation makes me a "conspiracy theorist".
Apparently, just because you find the idea of Twitter having bugs to be outlandishly improbable compared to a secret plot to exclude the Jews (that was silently implemented and then withdrawn within the space of a few weeks), that makes you some sort of "conspiracy theorist." What is the world coming to?

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