Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Bruce Bartlett on Clinton Economics

Bipartisanship is such a rare thing these days, its nice to see an ideologue cross to the other side for once, at least temporarily. Conservative economist Bruce Bartlett of the National Center for Policy Analysis had this to say on Clinton's economic policy, including the rare admission that (gasp) it was alot wiser and more effective than President Bush's death by tax-cut.

There is a God.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce Barlett is a member of the Mises Institute and while he may be a supply sider he is an economist and *fiscal* conservative at heart. Clinton and the Democrats held back spending more than Bush and he respects them for that, but that doesn't mean he supports Waco, Kosovo, or any number of the horrible policies that Clinton supported. He admires fiscal conservativism in whoever does it just as a good fiscal conservative should.