Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Feingold In the Ring?

Washington Whispers reports that Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold is testing the waters for a possible 2008 run (link Kos).
Keep a lookout for Sen. Russ Feingold , the second half of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance duo, who just won a third term from Wisconsin voters. He's on a nationwide mission to test out his progressive message that's liberal on some issues, like universal healthcare, and conservative on others, like the deficit. Fans think he can bridge the blue-state-red-state divide, making him not just a voice for a changing Democratic Party but a possible '08 presidential candidate.

Another ace up Feingold's sleeve was his opposition to the PATRIOT Act--the only person in the senate to vote against it. No flipflopping here, folks.

Obviously, I want to hear more about Feingold's positions (especially on Foreign Policy), but at the moment I'm cautiously optimistic. I think he could be an excellent candidate who can meld progressive and centrist positions to the betterment of all America.


Anonymous said...

Posted by Ashwin
I have real positive feelings about Feingold, especially since he seems to be conservative and liberal on the right issues. For example, I love his social platform (like as you mentioned, reforming healthcare), but I think his opposition to the Patriot Act will really attract some Libertarians, which is a group I believe the Democrats need to win over in order to be successful. With a liberal social policy, Feingold seems to be the first step.

N.S.T said...

Get real, Schruab AND Shandilya(probably not spelled right, but anyhoo). Russ Feingold, that's a good one. It's like Pat Leahy running for President, or Ted Kennedy, are you guys crazy? Do you Democrats never learn? Listen to Brad Carson and pick a real centrist for a change, but please, no Russ Feingolds, no more liberal Democrats. I'm voting next time, and I promise to keep my mind open to voting for a Democrat, but they've got to give me a centrist candidate. Nominate Lieberman, or Evan Bayh, or some little known mid-western governor, or even opportunist Bill Richardson, but please, God, no Russ Feingold, it'll be the most lopsided loss in election history.