Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Friend or Foe?

Orin Kerr gets snarky on Tom DeLay, predicting that this statement by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will get his ire up:
Referring to the title of a book by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman about increasing globalization, Kennedy said "the world is now flat, and the U.S. is beginning to be involved in international law."

As Professor Kerr so aptly notes, the "flat world" theory is fine with Representative DeLay. It's the international law (that and that internet thingy) which will send him off the edge.

But I personally think that Professor Kerr is being way too pessimistic. Now that Kennedy has endorsed the flat-earth theory, perhaps DeLay will recognize that, far from an enemy, he has a kindred spirit in Justice Kennedy. And for all those conservatives who are up in arms about his supposed "judicial imperialism," well, we know that DeLay has his own little penchant for meglomania.

Yes, I see this developing into a long and sustained friendship...

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