Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Would PAY

Students at Evanston Township HS in Illinois are challanging Rush Limbaugh to a debate on American History after he attacked the school's multicultural curriculum (via Wonkette). Of course, he'll never accept--Limbaugh was never exactly the brainiac--but oh, man, what if he did...


N.S.T said...

OK, let's cut the crap here, Schraub. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you--like me-- have never actually listened to Rush Limbaugh's show. So maybe you shouldn't be so quick to make broad pronouncements about him.

not an elite said...

I'm going agree with n.s.t. In fact, as I read over several of your past posts, I'm going to guess you're just repeating what you've heard others say. I'm not saying you don't believe what you say. It's just so overly dogmatic that it feels a bit shallow. And I'm not trying to be nasty. Part of it is the fact that you're in school and you probably don't have time to read the blogs of the center-right much less listen once in awhile to Rush Limbaugh.

If you want your writings to be provocative with more depth, I suggest you get to know some on the center-right. And here's my biggest piece of advice, don't argue and don't throw off everything they have to say because they're coming from a different point of view. Listen. Then play devil's advocate with your own beliefs. I think you'll find a new depth to your writing. And I'll keep checking back.

By the way, Rush is quite the brainiac. He knows his history better than the teacher from Evanston Township HS. I was listening to his show when she called, and she really didn't understand what he was saying. She just got offended and reacted. He asked her very specific questions about the generalizations she was making and she couldn't deny what he was saying. Rush can hold his own in a debate with anyone because he's brilliant and because he reads everything, not just the things he agrees with.

An excellent website on the center-right is He also has a talk radio show. His show is excellent because he has regulars come on who completely disagree with him. He teaches law school besides. He also gives credit to center-left websites. He's a very fair-minded man. You might just like him.

There have been assumptions made about conservatives that studies have shown are just not true. The mainstream media and the far left assume and have said that conservatives are poor and uneducated, when the exact opposite is true. That's another suggestion for you: Don't assume anything. Especially if it's to one extreme of the other. Chances are whatever it is is most likely in the middle.

And lastly, at:
you'll find a speech given by another brilliant conservative (not an oxymoron, I assure you) writer, Charles Krauthammer. His speech is on Foreigh Policy through the 20th century to current. Krauthammer is admired and respected on both the right and the left. Anyway, I just happened to catch the speech last year on C-SPAN and thought it provocative. I hope you'll read it with an open mind.

It was delightful discovering your site and spending some time here. Best wishes with school.

David Schraub said...

You're all right. Although I have read some of Limbaugh's work (I don't listen to talk radio, but I've seen some of his writing), and although a quick perusal of my blogroll would show it includes such sites as Althouse, American Future, Andrew Sullivan, Daniel Drezner, Ex Post, Oxblog, Powerline, Professor Bainbridge, Pseudo-Polymath, Southern Appeal, The American Scene, and The Volokh Conspiracy, clearly I never, ever, read conservatives. Seriously, though, it would be very obvious that I very much enjoy reading with and engaging commentators on the other end of the blogosphere. Indeed, I was (gasp) first inspired to blog by two conservative sites, Powerline (which gave me my first link) and Daniel Drezner.

Hugh Hewitt, by contrast, is not on there for a very special reason. That reason is he is the most partisan, radical, right-wing hack I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Calling Hewitt a "center-right" commentator is like saying Barbara Boxer is on the "center-left," you have to be orbiting way out in the boondocks somewhere if that's your political perspective. I have never ONCE seen Hewitt take the Republican Party to task on anything--except for not being conservative enough. He engages in a Coulter-esque politics of demonization which I think degrades the nature of discourse and is utterly unbecoming in the public sphere. He's not on there for the same reason The Daily Kos isn't on there: it just isn't worth my time to listen to partisan ravings--even when they're true, they lose whatever credibility they might have had because of the source.

It is somewhat distressing for me to be labeled dogmatic and partisan, considering that this site has been consistently registered as a voice of moderation (albeit one coming from the center-left). Searches through the archives would find some posts praising President Bush, alot more criticizing him. It would also show that I was (and am) in favor of the Iraq war, that I reject Democratic neo-isolationism, that I am a stickler for ethics, and that I am evolving into a budget hawk. Indeed, currently sitting on my front page, you'll see a defense of the boy scouts' right to discriminate against homosexuals, hardly a kneejerk liberal position (and one that cuts very much against my instincts).

I won't go so far as to say you think anyone who challenges the right from the left has to be a close-minded dogmatist (though the stirring tribute to Mr. Hewitt does make me suspicious). Rather, I'm curious what "basket" of posts led you to believe that I only listen to leftwingers.