Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Maybe They're Just Taking Their Time

A few days ago, some members of the conservative blogosphere, unfairly in my view, criticized a Feministe post on Saudi Arabia because it dared note the US has problems to. There was much harrumphing by Karol of Alarming News, Jeff Alan, Jeff Goldstein, John Cole, and others about how those kooky leftists could never criticize other countries without a requisite America-bash, how much they hate our country, moral equivilancy, etc etc.. It proved to be a very controversial post as the right piled on and the left played defense--144 comments and trackbacks in all.

Today, Feministe wrote about trying to liberalize Columbia's draconian abortion laws. It did not contain a one paragraph disclaimer about American abortion attitudes--despite them almost definitely also not being up to what the Feministe girls would prefer. It was a plea for change in Columbia and Columbia alone--no America-bashing, criticizing, commentary, or conversation included. Just what the right says the left never does.

Response of the conservative blogosphere? Nada. This post has, to date, garnered a grand total of one comment.

Maybe the reason conservatives only see liberals attacking America is because they ignore everything else they say. And undoubtedly, the next time a liberal blog incorporates American problems with gender issues in the context of a larger post, the usual suspects will be back proclaiming that this is how leftists always operate and that they never can speak out against other abuses for their own sake.

Confirmation bias, anyone?

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