Friday, October 14, 2005

Bring in the Noise

I hope all my Jewish readers had a good fast. I personally didn't fast, but I did spend much of the day repenting over the fact that I didn't fast, so hopefully it evens out (right?). Somewhat distressingly, my hit counts for yesterday still topped 200, even though I didn't post. Thus proving that I'm most popular when I'm saying nothing at all. Lovely.

I also found out that I didn't make Model UN this year, after making the team last year. I'm kind of upset, but I have plenty on my plate already (and I prefer debate anyway). [Ed.: Does this have anything to do with you relaying to one of the MUN Officers that you hated the event last year and thought it was idiotic?] I can very much imagine that factoring into the decision, yes. But it still was a fun trip, and I think I could have done quite well this year.

Finally, to bring is back to the blogosphere for a moment, Nate Oman informs us that he hates the peace and quiet of a law office and needs some noise to truly concentrate on his work. Finally, validation! It took me forever in High School to explain to my parents that I could concentrate better with music on (they insisted it would be "distracting"). When I worked at Williams & Connelly this summer, the head library honchos were kind enough to let me listen to my iPod while I worked. But in my entire three month tenure at the firm, I saw a grand total of one attorney listening to music while he worked (and I think he might have been a Summer Associate). Do you think that listening to music is frowned upon by the veterans as flippant or distracting (much like, say, blogging)? Or is this just considered a quirk of individual attorneys?

Of course, while Omans is listening to Handel and The Dave Matthews Band, I'm listening to Hoobastank and Trust Company. But we'll chalk that up to the generational gap.


jack said...

Dave. You just revealed the the entire world what terrible taste in music you have. Im serious, its this post that will keep you from getting tenure.

N.S.T said...

Thanks Jack. I've been trying to tell him the same thing forever, but he never gets it. It has a bit of cred when it comes from your mouth.