Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dark Clouds Gathering

If I appear to be in a bad mood, I am. And here's why.

Now, normally I would not be so upset over a tenure denial--even of a blogger I read rather frequently. However, Professor Drezner was something special. He was the inspiration to this blog, from the time I read his New Republic column and noticed that it had link to a web-thingy. He was the epitome of what I aspired to be--intellectual, analytical, fair, thoughtful, and above all, honest. I don't know if I've met those standards, but I never would have even started blogging if I didn't have a live model that it was possible to abide by them in the rough-jungle world of the blogosphere. Professor Drezner was that model.

On a note of more personal concern, there are also rumors floating that his blogging had a role (albeit almost definitely not decisive) in his tenure denial. While blogging is not at the moment a blackmark for tenure (Orin Kerr got it while at the VC), as an aspiring professor myself who at this point cannot lapse into blogger anonymity, it is not a positive sign. Juan Non-Volokh certainly concurs--he is clearly relieved that he is safely cloaked behind his pseudonym. I don't have that luxury. And again, since I've modeled this blog after Professor Drezner's example, what does this mean for my future?

But that is far into the future, and in any event there is plenty of time for the world to become enlightened about the blogosphere. And consenant with the sentiments expressed by JNV and Professor Drezner's commenters, I too am confident he will land on his feet.

Still...disturbing. My thoughts are with him in this difficult time.

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