Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jews Without The Mossad

That's how Martin Peretz describes Iraqi Shiites. And given the atrocities inflicted upon them by Sunni terrorists daily, it's hard to disagree.
The gruesome Sunni killings of Shia go on and on. They went on today when some 50 innocents were murdered at prayer in Karbala. The truth is that there is no outrage or even polite disapproval from the Sunni world where this bloodlust nests. It is a fact of life, and we are by now accustomed to thinking it immutable. Like Sunni Palestinians kill Israeli Jews, Sunni Arabs also kill Shia Arabs. But in much greater numbers. After all, the latter are heretics. So why not? And, of course, the Shia do not have a Mossad. And they do not have checkpoints or barriers. To be sure, many people think that every conflict can be pacified by sufficient goodwill and ingenuity. Some American commentators believe, for example, that if only the Sunni receive their "fair" share of Iraq's oil revenues and their "fair" share of representation in the government in Baghdad and their "only fair" veto rights the mass murders will stop--that 30 Shia will no longer be bombed to death in a funeral procession at Miqdadiya. The Sunni Arabs of Iraq are not victims of anything except their delusions that they--in reality, a small minority of the country--were meant to govern because they are Allah's people and a majority besides.


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