Monday, February 13, 2006

Insert Chuck Norris Joke Here

Ezra Klein (via John Cole) on a hunting trip Vice President Cheney took a few years back:
One thing to be clear on: Dick Cheney wasn't hunting. He wasn't doing what Ted Nugent does, or what Indians used to do. Cheney was killing things.

Apparently, they just pen-raise a massive number of birds, then release them to be slaughtered en masse by wealthy patrons. Cheney's group killed 417 of the 500 birds released, and Cheney himself bagged over 70.


Mark said...

If you're not wealthy what hunters do is shoot prairie dogs, which are apparently quite a pest in the Dakotas. When struck by a high caliber rifle round the p-dog basically disappears I am told. Seems like the same sort of sport.

David Schraub said...

At least the Prarie Dogs are a) pests and b) wild. Domesticating birds just so they can be mowed down by the rich (and I think Dick Cheney qualifies as wealthy) seems quite a different type of sport.