Friday, February 17, 2006

Sweet Home Bethesda

My hometown is in the news today:
Two uniformed men strolled into the main room of the Little Falls library in Bethesda one day last week and demanded the attention of all patrons using the computers. Then they made their announcement: The viewing of Internet pornography was forbidden.

The men looked stern and wore baseball caps emblazoned with the words "Homeland Security." The bizarre scene unfolded Feb. 9, leaving some residents confused and forcing county officials to explain how employees assigned to protect county buildings against terrorists came to see it as their job to police the viewing of pornography.

After the two men made their announcement, one of them challenged an Internet user's choice of viewing material and asked him to step outside, according to a witness. A librarian intervened, and the two men went into the library's work area to discuss the matter. A police officer arrived. In the end, no one had to step outside except the uniformed men.
Later that afternoon, Montgomery County's chief administrative officer, Bruce Romer, issued a statement calling the incident "unfortunate" and "regrettable" -- two words that bureaucrats often deploy when things have gone awry. He said the officers had been reassigned to other duties.

Hooray for prioritization!

JCole with the link.


jack said...

Huh? This doesn't seem right. I mean, I guess if a police officer really did show up then its real. But to me it seems like gorilla protesting. These seem like people making a political point than actually officers of the law. I don't even think there are actually "Homeland Security" officers. They don't wear hats.

N.S.T said...

Little Falls is a crappy library.

jack said...

People who complain about bad public libraries and then vote for Republicans who cut their funding are confused.


N.S.T said...

Bethesda has a nice library. It isn't like we're 20 minutes from one of the like 3 or 4 best libraries in the world or anything Jack, just in DC there. Besides I haven't voted yet and I keep meaning to get myself the necessary stuff to reregister as a libertarian. Which incidentally will probably invite even more scorn from your nice soul, jack. Have a nice night. :) Nick