Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Revelation: Jews Hate Genocide

Once again, the President of Sudan is blaming the Jews for all the nasty attention being given to his genocide in Darfur. And once again, my response is: AND PROUD. The speech was at the UN (where else?), and this time the President made the rather peculiar claim that Jews were focusing attention on Darfur to raise money for Israel. I'm sure somewhere in his twisted mind, that makes sense, but I can't decipher how it works, and have no interest in trying.

In the next issue of The New Republic (firewall), an ex-Israeli official argues that the UN is actually Israel's best friend, because by being such a parody of itself when it comes to the Jewish state, it ends up giving Israel a lot more leeway to act against terror than it would sober-minded people actually had to take the UN seriously. I actually disagree--I don't think it does Israel or anyone else favors when such an important geopolitical issue can't be discussed without immediately sounding like a revision of the Protocols. But alas, that seems to be the world we live in. And certainly, with enemies like Sudan, I'm not sure Jews really need friends.

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