Thursday, September 21, 2006

Then and Now

With no hope of establishing the analogy on which his thesis about public discourse rests, Nyhan resorts to attacking Power Line. We stand accused of being over-the-top partisans who worship President Bush as a visionary. Even if this were true, it would do nothing for the argument Nyhan wanted to make unless he could show (and he can't) that we viciously attack conservatives who think less of the president than we do.

--Powerline, yesterday

Christine Whitman has written a book titled It's My Party, Too, which...has the temerity to impugn the President's re-election victory...When a Democrat [sic] like Richard Clarke betrays President Bush, that's one thing; when it's done by a Republican, it's unforgivable.

--Powerline, 1/3/05

Does ranting about Whitman's "temerity" to "impugn" Bush's re-election victory and accusing her of a "betray[al]" that's "unforgivable" count as a "vicious[] attack"? I think it just might qualify.

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