Thursday, February 15, 2007

Don't Backslide!

No! Regress! Regress!

After his crazy comments on Keith Ellison, I congratulated Virginia Representative Virgil Goode for expressing a willingness to meet with representatives from the Muslim community, commenting that "If nothing else comes out of this controversy, hopefully it will be one Congressman broadening his horizons a little bit."

Apparently, I spoke too soon, as Goode apparently got up on the House floor to say that America is in danger of coins that say "In Muhammad We Trust" if we don't stop the raging Muslim hordes attempting to immigrate to America. Or don't approve the Iraq surge. Or something like that.

It's also amusing to hear Rep. Goode lecture on the virtues of religious toleration and the First Amendment, but we'll let that lie for now. Goode also appears to oppose the "Save Whomever We Can" option, by which we allow the Iraqis who bravely worked with the CPA and assisted our efforts to bring democracy to the region to gain refugee status in America. The alternative, of course, is for all of them to be brutally slaughtered as a thank you for assisting us. But that doesn't really seem to bother Goode that much. Having read recently of Otto Frank's desperate and futile attempts to get to America and escape the Nazi genocide, I'm a bit more sympathetic, but that same history makes me quite pessimistic. People with immigration views like Goode's have some of Anne Frank's blood on their hands as well. When we turn away people who are attempting to reach our borders (our friends, no less, in Iraq), knowing that they will be killed in their homes, our conscience is stained and our souls are tainted. But apparently, Virgil Goode can live with that. Moral values, I suppose.

All in all, a large step backwards for Representative Goode.

(And my God, is his voice annoying or what?)


Anonymous said...

If you listen to his words you will realize that he is talking about Islamists. Islamists openly talk of taking over the world, including the US. They practice religious intolerance, supremacy of Islam. To permit a religion to be intolerant or practice abhorrent ways (such as Mormon polygamy or Mayan human sacrifice or Islamic slavery or the killing of adulterers) is to undermine our liberties including, but not limited to, the Freedom of Religion.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...

OK, but Islamists are very very very far from taking over the USA... And not even attempting to do so, by the way.

Anonymous said...

The Islamists may be far from physically taking over the USA...or are they? Many predict that Europe will be Islamified by the end of this century and some are starting to call it Eurabia.

If Europe goes down the path of religious intolerance can the USA withstand its pressures? One of the arguments to intervene in Europe for both World Wars was the hegemonic intentions of Germany.

The hegemonic intentions of Islamists are Koranic commandments and they are working toward those goals. And yes they are attempting to take over the USA.

The first step is to knock the USA down a few notches and then wear away at it.

They have started the process. And they boast and brag about it but how many amongst us are listening?