Thursday, February 15, 2007

Test Message

I'll admit that I fear change, and so this move to the new blogger is rather scary. I don't like having to login with a gmail address I never use. Aside from that, nothing seems to be different but some minor stylistic issues. Which I don't like. Because they're different.

But since I need to write a post to confirm that this new version truly is the blogger cataclysm, here we go. A Washington Post article on Barack Obama's message man, David Axelrod, contained the following blurb:

Campaigns are narratives annotated with policy discursions.

True? I think so. And unfortunately, nobody reads the annotations. On the other hand, Obama's strength--fairly or no--is in the packaging more than the substantive content. So even though I think Obama could and should win on a policy race alone, in the political campaigns we get stuck with, he's pretty well positioned too.


Kyle L said...

Why don't you use Gmail? Do you just use a university e-mail account? Gmail is the best free e-mail service the internet has to offer. Not only that, but your "gmail" account is rather versatile. They have many other services that require a google account such as Bloger. This spans to include their Calendar, Document and Spread Sheets, and, arguably, they have one of the best RSS readers.

vince said...

i agree with Kyle: gmail is an amazing service, especially when conntected to all of the other google services. give it a try! the organizing power of the tag system + it's search function = incredible. anyhow...

i'm glad someone else noticed the axlerod piece. i really enjoyed it.