Monday, March 12, 2007

DePauw Kicks Out Delta Zeta

Via Sacha Zimmerman, apparently DePauw University has kicked out the Delta Zeta sorority, which had made news after its national HQ expelled a significant portion of its house members on-campus. The exiled women included pretty much anyone who was not White, slender, and conventionally pretty.

DePauw obviously made the right move here. I also want to point out that this issue is a major victory for the Feminist Blogosphere, who got on this issue early and refused to let it drop. Excellent work.

Our Bodies Our Blog has the University's rationale, as well as links to several Delta Zeta alum who joined condemnation of the national office.


Anonymous said...

I put myself through night school, so I have little knowledge of this. But does (or did) the college itself financially or in any way support the Sorority?

David Schraub said...

My college doesn't have a greek system, but my understanding is that the college owns the house Delta Zeta operates, and I'd imagine that they also have other ties to the institutional apparatus of the university (an inter-greek council run through the college, possibly some funding for activities, etc.).

Anonymous said...


I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, students must - I assume pay something like dorm fees to stay in the house, and member fee's. So on that edge. It's their money, if they want to join something so transparent. It's free will. Let them be exposed as the type of person they are if that's what they want.

However, School sponsored is a different matter and they have a responsibility to ensure all Frats/Sororities uphold certain regulations. Which I am sure, equality must be one of them.

Least I would hope so, if not, shame on the school.

Anonymous said...

To the person who has 'mixed feelings' about DePauw's actions related to the Delta Zeta need to check the facts:

1. The national leadership of DZ created some never-before-published “standards for recruitment” and made decisions based on these “commitments to recruit” which resulted in 29 out of 35 women leaving the house.Got that? That is 83% of the membership. 83%.

2. The DZ Nationals DO NOT DENY, and DO NOT CONTEST the central claim of the women involved that the DZ words, and DZ actions clearly indicate that the ’standards’ were based on:
a. Weight
b. Appearance
c. slutty behaviour so the Frat men would “like them”
d. “hiding” women who didn’t fit items a,b,c above.

3. The DZ Nationals clearly lie about the events that have transpired.The DePauw University Prez said: ” We vehemently contest the assertion on your (DZ) Web site that “at all points in this process we (Delta Zeta) have worked with the University, sought their advice and acted upon their advice in our reorganization efforts.” …got that? DZ is posting lies on their website.Those lies have been pointed out by the (next set) of people who they have lied about.

In summary:

DZ abused its members at DePauw, and told those members lies when confronted. Those members ‘outted’ the lies and behaviour of DZ national to the media.
When the University interceded on behalf of the students, DZ attempted to abuse the University, and then attempted to lie about its dealings with the University. The University ‘outted’ THOSE lies and THAT behaviour to the media.
When DZ simply continued to lie, and continued to pretend that it did nothing wrong except ‘communicating by letter with its members’, the University severed ties with the sorority.

To REALLY boil it down; those are some nasty, skanky, lying hoes at DZ National..setting the rules for how its Sorority behaves.

Good for the DePauw prez..the University is WAY better off without that kind of Organization on the campus.


Anonymous said...

To the person who posted a lot.

I got through the first two sentences and realized you did not bother to read what I put. The rest of your text was wasted time.

Read it, and respond appropriately - and I may read what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

You should know the lies that the university has made... there are many. Don't blindly believe what you read in the media.

Anonymous said...

"But does (or did) the college itself financially or in any way support the Sorority?"

No, the sorority finances are private. The only financial input from the univeristy would be student life staff who work with the fraternities and sororities.

Anonymous said...

as someone really needs to take a course in effective reading and the benefits. Allow me to repost - just a couple of words lest your attention span wanes.

"It's free will. Let them be exposed as the type of person they are if that's what they want."

Now, explain exactly - that is if you can get off your self-bloated horse. Where I said I was in favor, excused or anything other than the above sentence.

Here are some further posts for your help.

Your welcome

Anonymous said...

The university does not own the house. Delta Chapter house corps own the house. They have a contract with DePauw university that allows Delta Zeta to house DePauw students. Originally, when national officers talked to DePauw administrators, they said that it would be a woman's choice to stay or leave, DePauw allowed DZ to break the contract. DZ forced women out without choice. Ultimately, DePauw will not renew the contract allowing Delta Zeta to house students or recognizing them as a student organization. Without members or recognition, there is no organization on campus.
Also, the university has not lied in the media. It has been very helpful for those hurt by nationals. The administration at DePauw has helped us contact nationals, get housing, and by just being supportive. (Yes, I was one of the 23 women asked to leave.)

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the housing situation on Depauw. I'm still a little fuzzy on how your National could evict you from the house. Is your house corp run by your Alumni board(as was the case in my fraternity)? If so, why did they allow this to happen(other than the fact that the terms of your status changed)? Why do they have to have a contract with the University to house students? Does this also apply to those who house students off-camus? As an alumni, I could not imagine throwing someone out on to the street as was done to yourself. It violates the concept of fellowship.

Unknown said...

The house corp was run by alumnae. In August, we had a meeting with a representative from nationals who told us that it was a money issue, that the house could not afford to stay open because the house was not full. A couple days later, the president of house corp showed up and said that we did not have to close because of a lack of money. We had the funding to remain open. We were really confused. Nationals then told us that House corp had no right to do that because they did not go through the chain of command, and that they were wrong. I'm sure that house corp was sharply scolded by nationals for intervening, but I have no proof of that. I do not think that house corp had any part of the decision. All houses here on campus have contracts with the university, under terms of being on campus. Students are not allowed to live off campus. Because it is such a small school, the university likes to keep track of all of the students. All students have a housing contract with the university, even if they live in apartments that the university leases. Very few students commute to school.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. This is a small,but critical, piece of the puzzle that has never been brought up on any of the discussions that I've read(and I've read a lot). So much of this is so differnet from my own Greek experience. The bottom line is that the actives should have had the final say and the original vote should have stood. I also am astounded that Depauw takes "Parentis in Abstentsia" just a little to far. It certainly shines a little different light on the subject.