Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Majority Leader Crow

No More Mister Nice Blog points out something important. All those "liberal celebrities" the right loves to harp about? Nobody on the left cares! Celebrities aren't politically important figures. So Sheryl Crow got into a little spat with Karl Rove. I care insofar as she may have made an interesting point (I have no clue if she did), but I certainly take no special pleasure in the knowledge that Sheryl Crow is on my side. Who uses Sheryl Crow as their political litmus test?

Could we say the same thing about Tom DeLay? I don't know if the right actually listens to ex-Rep. DeLay anymore. But nobody ever elected Sheryl Crow majority leader.

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PG said...

Republican sources tell me that the reason they harp on liberal celebrities is that the media does -- Sheryl Crow opinions get more play on CNN, even when it's not an openly Republican person talking, than yours or mine do. She is not treated like the average citizen by the media. And because Republicans are convinced that Americans are led sheeplike by the media, they feel compelled to mount a massive storm of criticism against Ms. Crow to counteract the MSM's coverage of her.