Monday, April 23, 2007

And My Roommates Hang Out On Weekends to Drink "Lemonade"

Presidential non-contender Tommy Thompson has a recipe up for "Bratwurst of Liberty":
A Wisconsin tradition for the 4th of July .... Bratwurst!

Step 1: Plan ahead, marinate in garlic, onions and your favorite spices.
Step 2: Grill them on the BBQ
Step 3: Place in a bun
Step 4: Top with your favorite condiments, from onions to peppers to mustard to whatever.
Step 5: Enjoy!
Step 6: Repeat til the fireworks start

Side dishes:
Corn on the cob, also on the grill

Cool Wisconsin products, such as .... milk.

"Milk." Of course.

I guess since I'm Jewish, I can't enjoy the "Bratwurst of Liberty." Maybe I can replace it with the "Matzah Ball of Communism." Or the "Kosher Hot Dog of Money-making."

Via Majikthise.

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