Friday, April 27, 2007

Congratulations to the Happy Couple

I was talking to a new friend at lunch the other day, and she mentioned how the majority of guys apparently don't like dating intelligent women. They feel threatened by them. As a firm member of the "smart is sexy" camp, I was elated--free range for me! But it turns out she was exaggerating. I actually do have competition in the category, which means that I'll have to rely on my good looks and charm (damn).

All of this is to happily announce the engagement of the very smart PG of Half the Sins of Mankind (and Blog De Novo, and Sepia Mutiny, and Ex Post, and presumably innumerable others). Unfortunate for all of us who'd been nursing intellectual crushes on her, but I'm they're not bitter. So congratulations to her, and congratulations the more so to the lucky fiance.

Best wishes to the happy couple.


PG said...

:-) Thanks again for the good wishes.

As a firm member of the "smart is sexy" camp

Older women, kiddo, older women ;-)

David Schraub said...

I'm actually right there with you--I do tend to go for older women. Tragically, "older women" in college means "seniors," which isn't all that much when you're a junior.

Another reason to look forward to grad school! Find a soul mate who can be the evil corporate attorney while I play the angelic professor.

Speaking of which, I've never heard you say--are you shooting for academia or are you planning to go into practice?