Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Support Gay Rights? You May Be Supporting....TERRORISM

Well isn't this special. Via The Carpetbagger Report, it turns out that Alabama has a rather odd set of groups on its list of suspected terrorist (or terrorist harboring) organizations:
The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a website it operated that included gay-rights and antiwar organizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists.

The website identified different types of terrorists and included a list of groups it suggested could spawn terrorists. The list also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and abortion opponents.

The director of the department, Jim Walker, said his agency received calls and e-mails from people who said they felt the site unfairly targeted certain people because of their beliefs. He said he planned to reinstate the website but would no longer identify specific types of groups.

I'm curious: When is the last time a pro-choice group tried to bomb Operation Rescue? Does Alabama has intelligence on bands of rogue homosexuals, stepping into bars to beat up any God-fearing straight American they find?

Or maybe, just maybe, this is a political witch hunt.

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