Thursday, June 14, 2007

D.C. Eats

There are a bunch of Carls in D.C. this summer, and I want to make sure I get to spend a few lunches or dinners with them. Some of them are locals, but not all, and I feel obligated to try and find some good candidates to eat at (vegetarian-friendly is important). Right now, Ben's Chili Bowl is topping the list. And if I can get any of the non-vegetarian out-of-towners alone, then I'll have to introduce them to Five Guys. Other suggestions are of course welcome in the comments (remember, we're poor college students, so The Palm, tragically, is out).

Meanwhile, Matt Yglesias mentions the Florida Avenue Grill as a good candidate for breakfast-lovers (I don't wake up early enough for breakfast--but any self-respecting diner will serve breakfast at any point in the day I presume). It looks promising, but this this comment will make me show up on its own: "I love how on the wall of signed celebrity pictures at Florida Ave Grill, Ludacris and Strom Thurmond are right next to each other." I'm so there.

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Stentor said...

My favorite restaurants (as a vegetarian who recently lived in DC) were the Afghan Grill on Calvert St (near the Zoo Metro stop), and the Capitol Hill Tandoori Grill (near Eastern Market). There was also a good Salvadoran place near there called Las Placitas.