Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot Chili

I'm in the process of microwaving a carton of chili for dinner. Amazingly, even this supposedly easy task appears to be beyond my meager skill level. I press the reheat button, it goes for awhile, it beeps, I take it out. The carton is nice and warm. The soup is completely unaffected. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, an individual nugget of meat will heat up, but it will invariably be surrounded by an ice particle.

I'm currently on my fifth repetition of this cycle, with no progress. I'm sorely tempted to set timer for 20 minutes and just liquify the damn thing, but for the fact that I imagine it will retaliate by exploding. So, I press the reheat button once more, and hope.

Update: It was good. Obviously, it wasn't entirely heated up, but I did manage to get a pretty good hot:cold ratio. However, I'm going to find some other excuse than "not hungry" for why I only had about a dozen spoonfuls, because right now it feels like I wasted an infuriating amount of effort for something I didn't ultimately want to eat.

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Trickish Knave said...

Ugh, it sounds like I have a knockoff of your microwave where I work.

Wattage. Get a lot of it. I picked upa microwave with 1100 watts and a turntable. It nukes the hell out of anything that goes in it and in less time.