Monday, July 30, 2007

The End of the Road for PG?

Frequent Debate Link commenter PG has announced she's hanging up the spokes. I'm a bit skeptical--less than 12 hours after she wrote her farewell, she posted again, and she's planning on taking a long goodbye on De Novo. Certainly, I've seen plenty of bloggers say they're quitting, but have trouble going cold turkey. But if this is goodbye, it's been a good run, and hope to continue seeing you around the comments section here.

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PG said...

Oh, I know I can't go cold turkey -- that's why I set September 6 as the last day. I figure I can taper off until then... finish and publish all that stuff I have in draft, write something about the 2008 election that's NOT about how Obama has disappointed me again, etc. So you're not rid of me quite yet, though I'll probably start using RSS feeds and skimming blogs rather than reading them as closely (and commenting on them as frequently) as I do now.