Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Salvation is Here

The WaPo reports that the UN has approved a large, 26,000 person peacekeeping force to be deployed to Darfur. As Kevin Drum notes, there are still barriers to getting the troops where they need to go: member nations may be reluctant to supply forces, and Sudan might not let them into the country (I, personally, could care less what they think, but the UN tends to be "sensitive" to such objections). But I have to admit, I thought that there would never be any progress on this issue that didn't come in the form of unilateral US or EU intervention. Now I know that, given time and patient diplomacy, we can form an international response team that will arrive only two years too late to actually have a meaningful impact on the genocide. Truly, this is a shining moment in the history of international governance.

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