Friday, August 31, 2007

Plan B

A good question by Ezra Klein:
What would happen if Larry Craig came out as a gay [or bisexual -- DS] man, apologized for his tortured life in the closet and the unseemly things his personal conflicts made him do, and then said that, nevertheless, he'd always been a good and dedicated senator to the people of Idaho, and he meant to retain his seat and keep fighting for the upward redistribution and failed wars (or whatever) that first turned him onto public service?

It's not a sure-fire strategy--in fact, I suspect he'd lose a primary challenge. But it'd be an interesting race. And the media coverage would immediately shift from blood-hounding to sympathy.

I think Craig is still too caught up in personal denial to do it. But if he can come to terms with his orientation, it might be worth a shot.


Anonymous said...

It would be great if Craig would take that approach. He'd probably still lose, but at least it would be a more honest and stimulating approach than the predictable denial. Maybe some day we'll get to the point where such things are possible...

PG said...

In other words, if he basically did the same thing that Vitter did in response to his name showing up in a DC madam's book of business? I guess we'll see with Vitter how that plays out when the sin was heterosexual.