Saturday, September 01, 2007

"Excess of Testicular Fortitude"

PG protests my affirmation of the argument that--given the prevalence of street harassment against women--heterosexual guys who are publicly propositioned for sex by gay men need to "grow a pair". She says that since most men who are propositioned in the Craig-way (foot tapping in the stall) aren't running to the cops, I'm being unnecessarily insulting. In comments, I respond that:
I think the reason guys aren't leaving the stalls and calling the cops isn't because they have an excess of testicular fortitude--it's because they didn't recognize the signal in the first place.

I'm content to let the debate play out in the comments. But a quick google search reveals no hits for "excess of testicular fortitude", so I'm using this post to stake a claim to it myself.

Because really. That's an evocative turn of phrase, you have to admit.

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