Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two Random Thoughts About Obama

I have two thoughts to share after Barack Obama's historic win in South Carolina.

1) One of my Republican friends here at Carleton (I write that as if there are more than a half-dozen active Republicans on this campus) has admitted he is "terrified" of Obama, who he describes as the "Democratic Reagan." Someone who can articulate the Democratic agenda clearly and eloquently and bring people over from all sides. Dave Kopel said his victory speech "sounded like a President," and even the National Review's K-Lo was so mesmerized by it that she momentarily forgot that there were actual issues in this election and that she disagreed with Obama on every one of them.

2) Though I absolutely, positively adore Obama, and think he's a wonderful speaker, there is a nit I really need to pick during his oratory. He has this facial expression that he falls back on all the time. I call it his "stare of destiny." After a bit of soaring oratory, during the roaring applause, he looks a bit upwards and off to the side, staring intently with vision out into the distance. It's the Barack Obama equivalent of Magnum. He does it compulsively, and it's actually beginning to scare me. If he could find some new expressions to mix in with that one, I'd be very happy.


Unknown said...

He gives some good speeches, but I've been surprised to see what a stammerer he is in debates though. Not bothered, just surprised.

Meanwhile, I will use this latest victory to lean on my mom and sister to support him.

Cara said...

David, the "Magnum" paragraph is hilarious.

omoshiroi said...

OBAMA: For great justice...take off every ZIG.

Someone should make a Che-style Obama t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to wish Obama for his victory in South Carolina. It's gives him a enough opportunity to win against Hillary. I've also noticed his gesture, he can do it better than what he's doing now. I admired to his speech most of the times..
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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to watch the State of the Union and felt the need to check out your blog. Warning, as I indicate with my name, my comment may be totally off-base and I may well not follow up on it. (Though I just started using feed reader, should add you, even though there's not time enough for me to keep up with all that you write.)

I haven't followed politics this year as much as I'm used to--hardly any at all actually. (And the fact that by the time my primary comes around, we'll probably know the nominees doesn't motivate me much.) I haven't heard any of the speeches or debates recently.

That said, this evening mom quoted "While I breathe, I hope" to reassure/motivate me. I couldn't place the quote, it's SC's state motto. Obama apparently worked it into his speech. It's a little touch, and we'll go ahead and give the credit for it to some staffer, but that's the kind of little touch that impresses me. (At least when I hear about it.)