Friday, February 01, 2008

California Dreaming

Where is Obama in California? Well, he just picked up the endorsement of the LA Times. And also that of the California SEIU, which previously had been backing John Edwards. Plus a lot the structural aspects of the primary cut in his favor. Except that a good chunk of California's electorate has already voted absentee, before Obama's surge began. But then, those voters -- demographically speaking -- are solidly Clinton people no matter what Obama does.

It'll be exciting, no doubt about that.

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Charles Amico said...

Dave, I agree with you that many Californians voted absentee before the Obama surge. But hopefully there were enough of us who also voted for Obama, as my wife and I did. I wouldn't say we were Clinton people for sure either. I liked Romney's business Acumen on the Republican side but since I registered in the last election as Democrat, there was no question to us who will truly help change the politics of the past and give us a new model of governance: Centrist!

Good topic Dave and congrtas on your other post, "Almost Certainly", getting picked up by under their Alternate View.