Friday, February 01, 2008

MN-Senate Poll

My dad will be thrilled to see these numbers:
Democratic Primary (MoE 4.5%)

Franken 42
Ciresi 18

General Election Matchups

Coleman (R) 40
Franken (D) 43.2

Coleman (R) 43
Ciresi (D) 38

Full results here.

My dad hates Norm Coleman. But, being a former attorney at his law firm, he loathes Mike Ciresi.

And as for me (I'm voting in the MN caucus)? Well, familial loyalty prevents me voting Ciresi (as do his pro-life attitudes). I wouldn't have a problem with Franken, except he was a complete and utter asshole to a friend of mine while at a Carleton rally earlier this year, for no good reason (this has turned many folks at Carleton -- who should be firmly in Franken's camp -- hardcore against him). Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is an option, except I like for my vote to count.

Tough call.


Jack said...

Can you say exactly what is objectionable about Ciresi? Is it entirely personal or is it something that would lead anyone to not support Ciresi? Not that you should disclose personal stuff. I might be out of line...

David Schraub said...

Policy-wise, Ciresi is pro-life, although whether or not he'll vote on it remains to be seen (my girlfriend met with him this past week and said he pussy-footed around the issue entirely). But the "personal" reasons boil down to him being a complete and utter asshole and impossible to work with. Which I think has some pertinence as qualifications for Senator.

PG said...

Inasmuch as "no assholes" is your reason not to vote for Franken, certainly it ought to be applied to all candidates. I just hope you still have someone for whom to vote ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mike Ciresi is an unabashed supporter of Choice. Any pussyfooting would be if he was pressed on his personal, and not political stand.

You are entitled to your opinions but your statement about Ciresi being anti-choice is utterly false.

And Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is a great third option.

beatrixkiddo said...

I've experienced Franken's awkward and somewhat cold personality first-hand but I still voted for him. I agree with him on the issues and I think he can win, if he's not the nicest guy in the world, so be it. I'd rather my representative be a little less jovial and genuine, then vice versa. Love Jack, but agree with the author, I'd like my candidate to win. All-in-all very pleased with Franken and I know the family will be as well :)