Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big John!

Scariest movie ever. It doesn't help that John Cornyn is one of the more despicable men in the US Senate (pro-torture, "explainer" of violence against judges (it's because of "activism"), and fan of arresting Black people en masse).

I particularly love am terrified by the chanting in the background, which definitely increases the (already staggeringly high) creepiness level by another order of magnitude.

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PG said...

I sort of find it comforting, in a world where six-year-olds are sarcastic, to see people for whom irony (as well as good taste -- what is up with that tasseled jacket?!) is still a foreign concept.

Seriously, if I hadn't seen the "Texans for John Cornyn" at the end, I would have assumed you'd been taken by a parody ad. It just looks so much like a yankee's absurd idea of what Texas is like.