Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vote Yes

Over at the Washington Monthly, there is an ad on the sidebar asking "Is it OK to unconditionally meet with anti-American foreign leaders? (Yes/No)" I thought it sounded a little pushy, and sure enough, at the bottom it says its paid for by the McCain campaign. Fantastic targeted advertising, that is -- Kevin Drum's audience is quite swingable, I'd wager.

I tried clicking "yes" in the hopes that it'd send me to a site criticizing me for hating America or whatever, but it appears to link to the same "Donate to McCain" page that clicking "no" does. I guess McCain is as willing to take money from appeasors as he is taking money from those who compare rape to bad weather.

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Unknown said...

Not that the Republicans wouldn't jump all over a similar flap (and it would be equally meaningless), because of course they would, but those aren't donations the guy made McCain--he was only the fundraiser (the middleman if you will).