Monday, July 07, 2008

Webb Won't Be VP

The report is here. I'm not as harsh on Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) as some, but he would have been a surprisingly catastrophic pick for someone who superficially is so tempting. It would have been the single choice most likely to (justifiably) re-enflame the wounds of the Clinton/Obama primary fight, primarily by unnecessarily pissing off women who are already annoyed at Obama for back-tracking on reproductive rights. The advantages Webb wins (military experience, appeal to rural and purple-state voters) can be gotten elsewhere. The visceral anger he provokes in the Democratic Party's female base can't.


PG said...

Er, how did Obama backtrack on reproductive rights? Perhaps it's my fault for reading Southern Appeal and The Corner lately, but I am now firmly convinced that he is not merely pro-choice but actively hates babies.

David Schraub said...

This is the interview that's been stirring up trouble (when he says he doesn't consider "mental distress" to be part of a health exception -- which is being taken to include serious psychological issues [which can of course bleed into physical threats if they turn suicidal]).