Friday, July 11, 2008

Civil Rights Roundup: 07/11/08

Your morning dose of civil rights and related news

An Ohio jury has ruled that a Black community in the Appalachian region was denied water service for decades on account of race.

The pitch is out for a designer for the new African American History museum, scheduled to open in 2015.

The Washington Post calls for the repeal of DADT.

The Post also issues a call for state's to reduce the number of non-violent offenders they're imprisoning.

US diplomat asks for reduced sentence for sex with under-aged girls overseas, argues it's okay "over there".

The Maryland town of Cambridge -- famous as the birthplace of Harriet Tubman and later for a vicious race riot in which the entire Black section of town was burned to the ground -- has elected its first Black and first female mayor.

Politicians from around the country are speaking out against Virginia's ban of voter registration efforts at campuses where veterans are receiving medical care.

I think Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) would have been an awful VP pick, but Sir Charles is right to give him due props for his unflinching attack on the drug war as draconian and racist. Particularly as a freshman senator in a swing state, this is an act of genuine political courage.

The Baltimore Sun reports that their might be fissures between the old-guard civil rights community and Obama. I don't doubt that they have their differences, but differences of opinion are normal in a healthy movement, and I can't imagine it will dilute Obama's Black support at the polls.

The mayor of Jackson, Mississippi has been indicted on federal civil rights charges for his...aggressive...anti-crime tactics.

43 years later, an Alabama state trooper will stand trial for murdering a civil rights protester in Marion.

Black voters remain the most adamantly opposed to gay marriage of any racial group, and unlike their peers, their numbers are staying stubbornly persistent.

Publius of Obsidian Wings says its time to retire "sister souljah moment" from political discourse.

N.C. public employee retires rather than honor Jesse Helms.

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