Thursday, July 10, 2008

Civil Rights Roundup: 07/10/08

Your morning dose of civil rights and related news

The American Medical Association is set to apologize for its racist past, including excluding Black doctors and largely sitting out the civil rights movement.

The NAACP alleges that Nashville's new zoning plan will alter the racial dynamics of the city so much that it actually re-establishes segregation.

A performing arts charter school in LA with a focus on hip-hop is probably going to be shut down after its charter expires.

You're saying "Asian" is too broad a description to accurately capture a coherent, unified set of people with regards to educational achievement? Whoa!

The San Francisco Chronicle has an editorial exposing how ridiculous the fears surrounding the demise of the English language are.

In related news, though I personally am awful with foreign languages, I can still recognize that if I were able to learn one it'd be a valuable skill. That apparently qualifies as progressive in today's political context.

Police officers in Maryland also see the benefit of foreign language knowledge.

The Washington Post writes on how the declining Latino population is affecting Prince Williams County, Virginia.

Is progress against pay discrimination and the "glass ceiling" (or as the author calls it, porthole) stalling out?

Republicans are investigating voter fraud in largely Black Alabama counties. Maybe there is a there there, but it remains true that voter disenfranchisement is a far, far worse problem than voter fraud.

On the front of trying to encourage more engagement, not less, the We Are America Alliance (WAAA) is kicking off a huge campaign to encourage immigrants to become citizens, citizens to register, and registered voters to get to the polls.

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