Friday, September 26, 2008

I Wouldn't Have Lasted a Day at UVA

I got into UVA law, but I elected to attend Chicago instead. And it appears I made the right decision. Aside from the fact that I'm skeptical that I can party with the Wahoos, and that I still own t-shirts and haven't burned them all in favor of pink polos, they take their orientation way too seriously:
Chen Chih-chung was kicked out of UVA Law before he could start his 1L year for missing the school's orientation meeting.

At least that is UVA's official response.

Why is that merely the "official" response? Because Chih-chung is the son of the Taiwan's indicted former president. And why'd he miss the orientation meeting? Because he was flying back to cooperate with the official investigation of his father. I missed an orientation panel yesterday to go buy Microsoft Office. Do I have to look over my shoulder for the UC administration?

Chih-chung believes, understandably, that the orientation excuse is a fig leaf and that UVA is responding to massive media pressure coming out of Taiwan. Either way, it sounds like a pretty flimsy decision by Virginia.

As for me, orientation ended today, and classes start Monday. The civil rights roundup, incidentally, probably will be coming back next week, albeit shorter and at more random timings.

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